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Development Services helps non-profit organizations and housing authorities develop affordable housing and supportive service centers for their local communities. Projects typically use both public and private funding sources and involve complex multi-source financial structuring.
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Faith Community Services


Everyone understands that commercial real estate is an investment, but only experienced professionals can help you manage your assets in a way that meets the non-material needs of your faith community.”

Church property is sacred space. Holy ground.


Being a faith centered real estate development and consulting company we understand the needs of the faith community.

But in the eyes of secular society, churches and other faith communities are also subject to specific zoning and regulations that can be difficult for even an experienced business manager to maneuver.


If you’re planning to buy, sell, build or lay the groundwork for a growing faith community, you’ll need careful guidance and expertise as you move forward.


We specialize in Affordable Housing Development for non profit land owners.


At IRP, we offer expert commercial real estate advice and strategic asset development for churches and congregations, helping you make the decisions that are right for your community and your finances every step of the way.


At IRP, we pride ourselves on protecting your interests throughout the entire process.





Developmental Study

Our specialists will give help understanding the possibilities of Re-imagining the grounds of the faith community. 

Concept and Design

We offer a full range of consultancy services to help clarify the vision for the community including development of a new economic engine


Legal and Contracts

We offer referral services to world class legal and compliance advisors for your business from highly skilled legal and tax


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